Today Business 2.0 released the 101 Dumbest Moments in Business for 2006.

Among the boors, buffoons and blunders my personal favorite and winner of the Dumbest Moment, Human Resources award.

27. RadioShack

From: RadioShack
To: RadioShack employees
Subject: Your former job

In August, RadioShack fires 400 staffers via e-mail. Affected employees
receive a message that reads, “The work force reduction notification is
currently in progress. Unfortunately your position is one that has been


These are at least honorable mention list

2. Northwest Airlines

And don’t forget, you only need one kidney…

In July, bankrupt Northwest Airlines begins laying off thousands of ground workers, but not before issuing some of them a handy guide, “101 Ways to Save Money.”

The advice includes dumpster diving (“Don’t be shy about pulling something you like out of the trash”), making your own baby food, shredding old newspapers for use as cat litter, and taking walks in the woods as a low-cost dating alternative.

77. Bank of America

In related news, the Department of Corrections has announced that death-row inmates will now be required to pedal stationary bikes to power Old Sparky…

After Bank of America announces plans to outsource 100 tech support jobs from the San Francisco Bay Area to India, the American workers are told that they must train their own replacements in order to receive their severance payments.

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