If you have been following my feed, you may have noticed a drop off in new posts this week. I finally had to come off the ropes swinging at my dissertation if there is hope to get a defense completed anytime this year. I am slowly converting one room of my house into a command center, wall covered in post-its, two hard drives backing up my work, charts, dry-erase boards, and so on.

I have been working on new material for the site as well. I will continue my Healthier You series this weekend with a post on How to Pick a Personal Trainer in addition I will attempt a less partisan article on the current Iraq War. Next week I will temporarily halt my normal business/HR writing (with exception to small news tidbits that may make it across my desk) to have a special full week report on Religion and Complex Society. I do encourage comments on these upcoming post and hope it will lead to some intelligent discourse on the matter.

As always, for those who have been regular readers thank you for your support and for the newly attending, welcome.