I will admit there are some things of which I was just not aware. I read Dilbert fairly regularly not just for the humor but also as a window into corporate culture and, yes, sometimes it does boarder on depression. Today however, Catbert, Evil Director of Human Resources, speaks about Employee Appreciation Day. I was unaware this even existed. Apparently it is the day (March 9th) you are supposed to thank your employees and inspire them to keep up the good work. This runs counter to everything I have advocated, but apparently you only need to encourage your employees once a year (in case you didn’t pick that up, yes it’s sarcasm).

Here is a brief list of some ‘appreciation days’

Administrative Professionals (formerly Secretary’s) Day – April 27th
Boss’s Day – October 16
Nurse’s Day – May 12th
Doctor’s Day – March 30

The fact that we have so many of these “Days” is a direct reflection of how appreciated some workers feel, or perhaps Hallmark is just working overtime. Just one note, thanking your employees or team is not something that can just be scheduled, it must seem genuine. I had one boss, who every week typically around the same time, would walk around and thank everyone. After a while it just became another meaningless exercise.