If you are a B-movie fan you will likey recognize Bruce Campbell in this Old Spice ad.  A majority of my posts related to human resources and employment are from the corporate perspective, either how organizations can improve human capital management or highlighting both good and bad moments in HR. The article is going to be from the job seekers perspective.

How many of us have been in the old experience Catch-22? You can’t get the job you want because you have no experience, but you can’t get experience unless you have a job. Many have been holding out hope that with the retiring of the Boomer generation new jobs would open up. Companies however are beginning to restructure a great deal of their human resources to cater to retiring workers in hopes of drawing on the experience base a little longer.

Following are methods with which new grads may get experience, some common and others not so much.

  • Internships
  • Co-ops
  • Volunteer
  • School Lab Management
  • Part-time and temp jobs
  • Student leadership positions
  • Mentors

Most of the time these options are not glorious, but can provide the necessary experience or the ‘right story’ to get a foot in the door.

A word of warning to the job seeker, particularly those who are fresh out of school or switching careers after a Master’s program. There has been the wide proliferation of shill jobs that have infiltrated the more popular job boards. The jobs are typically marketing related, but have been branching out to include management and finance. They tout the opportunity to gain experience with top companies such as AT&T and Time Warner, when in fact they are door to door sales jobs for long distance service or financial planning.