If you have followed my Worst HR series, you know there is some pretty bad human capital management out there.  I’m sure you have probably experienced some of it first hand.  If we are to look at the worst we must also take some examples of good HR practices; if not for trying to improve other organizations at least to give hope to those who currently live with poor management that there are better places to work.  So in addition to tracking the Worst HR of 2007, I will also try to focus on the best as well.

My wife recently joined Lifecare Management Services, in fact, today is her first day.  Not only did they send a comprehensive package with free T-shirt, but also a package of fresh baked cookies last week.  It remains to be seen whether they will continue this trend, but they have definitely  taken the first step toward generating a positive experience of their management practices.

Best HR 2007 Nominee

#1. Lifecare Management Services


Category:  Best New Hire Welcome

I particularly enjoy the fact that not only do they send an inviting message to new hires, but they also set an expectation of making a positive contribution to the organization.   In one message they say “welcome” and set the bar for high performance.

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