I received a special notice from Careerbuilder today, that Disney running a contest to provide people with a one-day “Dream Job” from the following list:

Honorary Disney Pirate

Honorary Disney Princess-in-Waiting

Honorary Disney Jungle Cruise Skipper

Honorary Disney Park Parade Performer

Honorary Disney Haunted Mansion Butler or Maid

As a kid, I had fallen in love with DisneyWorld for obvious reasons. From the moment you arrive at one of the parks, it is one of the happiest places on earth, for children anyway. During my summer internship search at Purdue University, I had the opportunity to interview with Disney for an engineering position (a job which went to my roommate, Jeremy). Following his summer, I found out more about the general summer jobs.

Most summer employees are housed at a central apartment complex, have one of the most stringent dress code policies including a guide of acceptable haircuts, and a sizable portion return having spent more money than was made (largely due to rent). Is it any wonder that Tigger is smacking people around?

Now while I can’t comment on the current status of Disney’s human resources, a 2001 story regarding the cleanliness of approved shared undergarments comes to mind.

Each night, they hand in the underwear with the rest of their costume before going home, and pick up a new set the next day.

Many of the characters have to wear Disney-issued jock-straps, tights or cycling shorts underneath their costumes because normal underwear bunches up and can be seen.

Some workers complained about receiving undergarments that were stained or smelly and Mr Steverson said there have been three cases of costumed workers at the Magic Kingdom getting pubic lice or scabies during the past two years.

Given the difficulty in changing corporate culture, particularly treatment of workers lower in the hierarchy, I can’t imagine things have significantly improved; definitely not enough to qualify the Pirate position as a “Dream Job.” Now taking CEO Robert Iger’s job for a day given his 2006 compensation of $22 million wouldn’t be all that bad.

On a side note, I heard an interesting Disney related rumor, one that has been circulating around the DFW area and web for a few years now, that will be disclosed on Superbowl Sunday. Disney is going to build a fourth US theme park in Frisco, TX.   Of course it could always be a ploy to get dejected Cowboys fans to tune into the big game.