This steps outside my normal routine of business and social issues. If you have been following my blog you know I use a variety of clips from popular commercials and animated programs to illustrate my point.

This morning one of the first stories I came across was about a high school student in Westerville, OH. Apparently he stripped naked, rubbed himself with grease and ran through the school cafeteria. Police had to taser him twice since they couldn’t get a good grip on him.

Killian is in jail and charged with inducing panic, public indecency, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. A message seeking comment was left at Killian’s home.

School officials reported that Killian was a good student, Gaylor said. There was no indication
of substance abuse or a medical problem.

I’m sure if there were any people under the age of 16 in the room he will also be labeled a sex offender. Remind Family Guy fans of anything?