I wanted to send out a special thank you to everyone who has helped make this my best week to date. To be honest I was beginning to work on a formula based on hits, comments, time and spam to determine when I should pull the plug. Apparently I’m not the only one.

Technology firm Gartner, which has been tracking blogging trends, found the following,

There were more than 56 million active blogs in October, according to Internet blog search engine Technorati, but the average lifespan is three months and declining.
Given the trend in the average lifespan of blogs and the current growth rate of them, there already are more than 200 million ex-bloggers. So the peak number of bloggers worldwide will be about 100 million at some point in the first half of 2007.
MySpace and Facebook lost visitors in September, according to Nielsen/ NetRatings, a Web-tracking service. The number of unique U.S. visitors at MySpace fell 4 percent, to 47.2 million from 49.2 million, in August, and the number of visitors to Facebook fell 12 percent, to 7.8 million from 8.9 million.
Today’s overexuberance will level off to a stasis of at least 30 million active bloggers and 30 million frequent community contributors worldwide.

This surge and leveling off is very similar to the concept, regression toward the mean. This information should not be that surprising as with many situations people are trying to find a more appropriate work, er blog, life balance. Blogging seems to follow the same rule as everything else, “only in moderation.” But if this trend keeps up, I doubt Time Magazine will make “Us” the person of the year for 2007.

Thanks again for reading.