This article from ABC News, hilighting ExxonMobil’s attempts to muddy the water of public opinion on global warming, punctuates why we need to understand the complexity of the world around us and apply more funding to science education (including evolution Kansas).

“ExxonMobil has, in a cynical and manipulative strategy, helped create a kind of echo chamber to amplify the views of a carefully selected group of spokespeople whose work has been largely discredited by the scientific community,” said Seth Schulman, the report’s primary author, in a conference call today with reporters. The strategy is built on the notion, the report found, that “public opinion can be easily manipulated because science is complex, because people tend not to notice where their information comes from, and because the effects of global warming are just beginning to become visible.”

In the interest of full disclosure, I am an ExxonMobil stockholder. As George Carlin said, “if you wonder how I can stand here and rail about advertising then go and do those long distance commercials, well, you’ll just have to figure that s**t out yourselves.”

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