It’s a brand new year and how could we honor the passing of 2006 without a compilation of lists marking the best of and worst of? Yesterday the AP released a report on the heroes and villains of the year.

To be fair, President Bush was also found to be the biggest hero of the year, receiving 13% followed by US troops in Iraq (6%), Jesus Christ (3%), Barack Obama (3%), Oprah (3%) and Bono (2%).

A former professor of mine stated, following the 2004 election, the only thing keeping the country from another revolution was the strong foundation of democracy instilled in the citizenry. Though not the first time the notion had occurred to me, I began to worry about the strength of that foundation. Reports of American citizens planning an exodus to Canada and posing as Canadian citizens abroad were commonplace. In the end, the blue states didn’t defect and if we analyze voter turnout for the 2006 mid-term election it appears democratic sentiment is on the rise among 18-29 year olds as well as the 30 years and older demographic.

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